Saturday, February 28, 2015

Remembering Leonard Nimoy

Someone suggested sharing "Your Favorite Leonard Nimoy Moments." Here's one of mine.

It was around 1985 (?) when I was invited as a guest speaker to a Star Trek convention, where Leonard was the guest of honor. As it turned out, the convention was somewhat chaotic. So I volunteered to be on the security detail and ended up backstage with Leonard while he was waiting to go on for his talk. For awhile there were other con organizers and hotel personnel running around, but then came a time when everyone just disappeared and I was alone with Him (yes, capital "H").

There was a grand piano in the hallway where we were waiting, and on top of it were piled literally dozens of gifts from fans. Leonard was looking at the pile, and so I asked him, "What do you do with all of it?"

Very politely, he smiled and said, "We donate most of it to charity." It was obvious that he appreciated the gesture of love and affection from the fans, but equally clear that he probably didn't have a big enough storage unit to accommodate all the gifts he received throughout the course of a single year. He stood there for a moment, then picked up a small box and handed it to me. "These will melt before we get back to Los Angeles. Enjoy."

It was a box of Godiva chocolates. Mr. Spock gave me a box of chocolates! I think I had a big grin on my face for several days. Best damn chocolates I ever ate. One of the finest men I ever met.

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